The Astrological Meanings of the Part of Friendship

What is the Part of Friendship?

The Part of Friendship, also known as the Part of Society or the Part of Association, is a sensitive point in a person’s astrological birth chart that represents their relationships with others, particularly their close friendships and social connections. It is calculated by taking the longitude of the planet Venus and adding it to the longitude of the ascendant (the rising sign), and then subtracting the longitude of the Sun.

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The Meaning of the Part of Friendship

The Part of Friendship is an important indicator of how a person relates to others and their ability to form close, supportive relationships. It can also reveal a person’s social status, their need for companionship, and their capacity for kindness and generosity.

People with strong Part of Friendship placements in their charts may be naturally outgoing and sociable, with a talent for building and maintaining friendships. They may be popular and well-liked, and may have a large social circle. On the other hand, those with weak or challenged Part of Friendship placements may struggle with forming close connections and may feel isolated or disconnected from others.

The sign and house placement of the Part of Friendship can also offer insights into the nature of a person’s friendships. For example, a person with a Leo Part of Friendship may have strong, dramatic friendships, while someone with a Cancer Part of Friendship may have more nurturing and supportive relationships. The house placement of the Part of Friendship can indicate the areas of life in which friendships are most important or influential.

The Positive Aspects of the Part of Friendship

Having a strong and well-aspected Part of Friendship can bring many benefits to a person’s life. It can lead to a strong sense of community and belonging, as well as provide emotional support and companionship.

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