The Astrological Meanings of the Part of Death

What is the Part of Death?

The Part of Death, also known as the Part of Separation or the Part of Endings, is a sensitive point in the natal chart that is associated with transformation and change. It is calculated by adding the longitude of the Moon to the longitude of Saturn and then subtracting the longitude of the Ascendant.

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How does the Part of Death show up in the natal chart?

The Part of Death can indicate areas of life where the individual may experience loss or endings. This can be physical death, but it can also represent the death of a relationship, a career, or even the end of a certain phase of life. The house and sign placement of the Part of Death can give more insight into the specific areas of life that may be impacted by this energy.

For example, if the Part of Death falls in the fifth house of love and creativity, it may suggest challenges in these areas or a need for transformation in these areas of life. If the Part of Death falls in the eighth house of death and rebirth, it may indicate a deeper exploration of the mysteries of life and death.

How can the Part of Death be used in astrological analysis?

The Part of Death can be a useful tool for understanding the areas of life where the individual may be called to let go and make room for new growth. It can also indicate the potential for transformation and rebirth.

It is important to remember, however, that astrology is not a determinant of fate. The Part of Death, like all astrological symbols, is simply a tool for self-exploration and understanding. It is up to the individual to decide how to navigate the challenges and opportunities.

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