The Astrological Meanings of the Part of Children


In astrology, the Part of Children is a sensitive point in the chart that represents the potential for fertility and the potential to raise and nurture children. This point is calculated by taking the distance between the Moon and Venus in the natal chart and adding it to the descendant, which is the cusp of the seventh house.

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The Moon and Venus

The Moon and Venus are two of the most important planets in the astrological chart when it comes to matters of the heart and relationships. The Moon represents our emotional nature and our need for security and comfort, while Venus represents our values, our sense of beauty and harmony, and our capacity for love and connection.

When these two planets are connected in the Part of Children, it can indicate a strong desire for family and a nurturing, caring nature. This placement can also suggest a strong connection to the mother or the mother figure in the person’s life.

The Seventh House and the Descendant

The seventh house is traditionally associated with partnerships and relationships, and the descendant is the point that descends below the horizon, representing the qualities and characteristics that we project onto others and seek in a partner.

The combination of the Moon and Venus with the seventh house and the descendant suggests that the person with this placement values harmony and emotional connection in their relationships and may prioritize family and the potential for children in their partnerships.


The Part of Children can indicate a strong desire for children and a nurturing, caring nature. This placement can also suggest a strong connection.

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