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Tarot Card Number 21: The World

In tarot card readings, the World card symbolizes completion, fulfillment, and achievement. This card is considered one of the most positive and optimistic cards in the tarot deck and represents a sense of satisfaction and contentment. The number 21 in numerology also has a strong association with the World card, and it is believed to be a highly spiritual and transformative number. In this article, we will explore the symbolism and meaning of the World card in tarot and how the number 21 relates to this card in numerology.

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The Symbolism of the World Card

The World card is usually depicted as a dancer or a figure in the center of a wreath or a circle. The wreath symbolizes completion and the circle represents the cycle of life. The dancer represents the idea of balance and harmony and is often depicted with one arm reaching up to the sky and the other reaching down to the ground. This symbolizes the balance between the physical and spiritual realms and the connection between the two. The World card is often associated with travel, both physically and spiritually, and represents the idea of exploring new opportunities and experiences.

The World Card in Tarot Readings

In tarot readings, the World card is interpreted as a positive omen and is often seen as a sign of success, accomplishment, and completion. When this card appears in a reading, it can indicate that a project or goal that you have been working on is finally coming to fruition, and that you will experience a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment as a result. This card can also indicate that you are entering a period of growth and self-discovery, and that you will be able to experience a greater sense of understanding and insight into your life and your place in the world.

The World card can also suggest that you are entering a period of change and transformation, and that you may be ready to embrace new opportunities and experiences. This card can indicate that you are entering a phase of your life where you will be able to see the bigger picture and gain a greater sense of perspective, allowing you to make more informed and confident decisions.

The Number 21 in Numerology

In numerology, the number 21 is considered a highly spiritual and transformative number. This number is said to represent a sense of completion and fulfillment, and is often associated with the idea of reaching one’s full potential. The number 21 is believed to have a strong connection to the spiritual realm, and it is said to represent a heightened sense of intuition and spiritual awareness.

When the number 21 appears in a numerology reading, it is often interpreted as a sign of growth and transformation. This number is believed to encourage you to seek out new opportunities and experiences, and to embrace change in your life. The number 21 is also associated with the idea of finding balance and harmony, and is said to encourage you to find a balance between your physical and spiritual needs.

The World Card and the Number 21

The World card and the number 21 are deeply connected in tarot and numerology, and they both represent similar ideas and themes. The World card is a symbol of completion and fulfillment, while the number 21 is associated with growth and transformation. Both the World card and the number 21 encourage you to seek out new experiences and opportunities, and to embrace change and transformation.