The Use of Composite Charts in Relationship Astrology

What is a Composite Chart?

A composite chart is a merged horoscope that is created by taking the midpoint of each planet in the individual birth charts of two people. It is sometimes referred to as a relationship chart or a chart of the relationship itself. The purpose of a composite chart is to see how two people will interact and come together as a unit. It can provide insight into the dynamics of the relationship and the potential challenges and strengths that may arise.

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How is a Composite Chart Calculated?

To create a composite chart, the exact birth dates, times, and locations of both individuals must be known. From there, the positions of the planets in each person’s natal chart are calculated and the midpoint between the two is found for each planet. For example, if one person has the sun at 10 degrees Leo and the other has the sun at 20 degrees Leo, the composite chart will have the sun at 15 degrees Leo. The same process is done for all of the planets, as well as the Ascendant and Midheaven.

Interpretation of a Composite Chart

Just like any other astrological chart, the composite chart should be interpreted by looking at the placements of the planets and how they relate to one another. The composite Ascendant, or rising sign, can give insight into the overall energy and vibe of the relationship, while the composite sun and moon can indicate how the two individuals will relate to each other emotionally. The composite Venus and Mars can show the romantic and sexual dynamics of the relationship, and the composite Jupiter and Saturn can reveal the growth and challenges that may come up.

Benefits of a Composite Chart

One of the main benefits of a composite chart is that it can provide a more complete picture of the relationship beyond just the individual personalities.

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