The Symbolism of the Astrological Grand Decile

What is the Astrological Grand Decile?

The astrological grand decile is a ten-pointed star pattern that is formed by ten celestial bodies in a person’s birth chart, with each point representing a different planet or point in the chart. This pattern is believed to be a powerful symbol of spiritual growth and transformation, as it represents the integration of all aspects of the self.

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The Meaning of Each Point in the Grand Decile

Point 1: Mars

Mars represents action, ambition, and determination. It is associated with the drive to assert oneself and to make things happen. In the grand decile, Mars can indicate a strong desire to initiate change and to take control of one’s life.

Point 2: Saturn

Saturn is associated with discipline, structure, and responsibility. It represents the need to face reality and to accept the limitations and challenges of life. In the grand decile, Saturn can indicate a need to work hard and to be responsible in order to achieve one’s goals.

Point 3: Jupiter

Jupiter is associated with expansion, growth, and abundance. It represents the desire to explore and to learn new things, and to experience the joys of life. In the grand decile, Jupiter can indicate a desire to seek out new opportunities and to embrace new experiences.

Point 4: Uranus

Uranus is associated with innovation, rebellion, and individuality. It represents the need to break free from the constraints of society and to be true to oneself. In the grand decile, Uranus can indicate a desire for personal freedom and the need to be unique and independent.

Point 5: Neptune

Neptune is associated with creativity, spirituality, and imagination. It represents the desire to connect with a higher power and to tap into one’s artistic and intuitive abilities. In the grand decile, Neptune can indicate a desire for spiritual growth and a need to explore one’s creative potential.

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