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The Influence of the Solar Return Chart on Upcoming Year’s Relationship Trends and Events

What is the Solar Return Chart?

The solar return chart is a yearly horoscope that is calculated based on the position of the sun in relation to the exact time and location of an individual’s birthday. It is believed to represent the energies and themes that will dominate the individual’s life during the coming year.

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How is the Solar Return Chart Used in Relationship Astrology?

In relationship astrology, the solar return chart can provide insight into the trends and events that may occur in an individual’s relationships during the coming year. By analyzing the placement of the planets in the solar return chart and the aspects they form with the natal chart, astrologers can gain a deeper understanding of the individual’s needs and expectations in their relationships, as well as any potential challenges or opportunities that may arise.

What are Some Key Indicators of Relationship Trends and Events in the Solar Return Chart?

There are several key indicators in the solar return chart that may suggest upcoming relationship trends and events. These include:

  • The placement of Venus and Mars: Venus and Mars are the planets of love and desire, respectively. Their placement in the solar return chart can indicate the type of relationships an individual may be drawn to, as well as the level of passion and intensity they may experience in those relationships. For example, a strong placement of Venus in the solar return chart may indicate a year of romantic abundance and fulfillment, while a challenging placement of Mars may suggest conflict or tension in relationships.
  • The presence of major aspects: Aspects are the relationships between planets in the solar return chart.