The Symbolism of the Astrological Grand Undecile

The grand undecile is a rare and complex astrological aspect that occurs when two planets are separated by an angle of approximately 10.8 degrees. This aspect is considered to be highly significant in astrology, as it is thought to indicate a deep connection between the energies and influences of the two planets involved. The grand undecile is often associated with themes of transformation, change, and the integration of opposing forces, and it is believed to have a powerful impact on the individual’s personality and life path.

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Interpretation of the Grand Undecile

The symbolism of the grand undecile is closely tied to the energies and influences of the two planets involved in the aspect. For example, if the grand undecile involves the planet Mars and the planet Saturn, the individual may be prone to sudden outbursts of anger or aggression, but may also have a strong sense of discipline and responsibility. On the other hand, if the grand undecile involves the planet Venus and the planet Neptune, the individual may have a strong artistic or creative streak, but may also be prone to daydreaming and escapism.

In general, the grand undecile is thought to indicate a tension or conflict between opposing forces or energies. This may manifest in the individual’s personal life, in their relationships, or in their career and professional endeavors. The grand undecile may also indicate a struggle to find balance and harmony in these areas, and may require the individual to learn how to integrate and harmonize their opposing energies and influences.

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