The Symbolism of the Astrological Grand Octodecile


The grand octodecile is a rare astrological aspect that occurs when two celestial bodies are separated by an angle of 150 degrees. This aspect is believed to have a powerful and transformative influence on the energies of the planets involved, and can have significant effects on the lives of those born with it in their natal chart. In this article, we will delve into the symbolism and meaning of the grand octodecile, and explore its potential impacts on various areas of life.


The Meaning of the Grand Octodecile

The grand octodecile is often associated with intense and transformative energies, as it represents a powerful release of tension and a shifting of energies. This aspect can indicate a need for major change and transformation, and may be associated with events or experiences that shake up one’s worldview or sense of self.

At the same time, the grand octodecile can also symbolize a deep connection and understanding between the two planets involved. This aspect can indicate a harmonious exchange of energies and a sense of unity, even in the midst of transformation and change.

The Effects of the Grand Octodecile

The grand octodecile can have a wide range of effects on the lives of those born with it in their natal chart. Some possible impacts include:

  • A desire for major change and transformation in one’s life
  • The need to let go of old patterns and behaviors in order to move forward
  • A strong connection with others and a sense of unity
  • The potential for intense and transformative experiences
  • A tendency towards creativity and self-expression

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