The Sextile of Sun and Mercury: Communication and Creativity

Astrology has long been used as a tool to understand human behavior and relationships. One of the many aspects that astrologers look at is the relationship between the Sun and Mercury. When these two planets are in sextile, a positive aspect, it is believed to bring about enhanced communication and creativity.

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What is a Sextile Aspect?

A sextile is an aspect in which two planets are 60 degrees apart. In astrology, it is seen as a harmonious aspect that promotes growth, creativity, and positive change. When the Sun and Mercury are in sextile, it is believed to promote positive communication and enhance creativity.

The Role of the Sun in Sextile Aspect

The Sun is the most important planet in astrology, as it represents our conscious self, our ego, and our inner self. When the Sun is in sextile with another planet, it is believed to bring about a positive flow of energy between the two planets. In the case of the Sun sextile Mercury, this positive energy is directed towards communication and creativity.

The Role of Mercury in Sextile Aspect

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, intelligence, and creativity. When it is in sextile aspect with the Sun, it is believed to enhance our ability to communicate effectively, think creatively, and express ourselves clearly. This positive aspect can also bring about new ideas and opportunities for growth and learning.

The Effects of Sun Sextile Mercury

When the Sun is in sextile with Mercury, it is believed to have several positive effects on our communication and creativity. These effects include:

  • Enhanced communication skills: This aspect is believed to help individuals communicate more clearly and effectively. It promotes positive interactions and can help individuals express themselves more clearly and confidently.
  • Increased creativity: This aspect is believed to enhance creativity and encourage individuals to think outside the box. It can bring about new ideas and opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Improved mental clarity: This aspect is believed to help individuals think more clearly and logically. It can improve problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities.
  • Opportunities for growth: This aspect can bring about new opportunities for growth and learning. It can help individuals expand their knowledge and skills and develop new talents.


The sextile aspect between the Sun and Mercury is believed to have many positive effects on communication and creativity. It is believed to enhance communication skills, increase creativity, improve mental clarity, and bring about new opportunities for growth and learning. While there may not be scientific proof for the effects of astrology, many people have found it to be a useful tool for understanding themselves and their relationships with others. Whether or not you believe in astrology, the positive effects of improved communication and creativity are undeniable and can benefit anyone who strives to improve themselves in these areas.

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