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Prompt Vibes

PromptVibes is an extensive database of actionable chatGPT cues that readers can crib in order to level up their own ChatGPT game. It offers a wide range of suggestion types, including “learn from ChatGPT,” “funny,” “expert,” “productivity,” “coding,” “writing,” “marketing,” “roleplay,” and “play a game.” Users can transform ChatGPT into a variety of roles, including that of an interviewer, financial adviser, nutritionist, advertiser, AI writing tutor, anti-iPhone jailbreak, ASCII artist, better-DAN jailbreak, job counselor, fictional character, and more. Cooper jailbreak marketer, community Facebook ads manager, composer, customer success content writer, debate coach, debater, dev mode v2 jailbreak, devmode+ranti jailbreak, dude v3 jailbreak, English pronunciation helper, English translator and improver, essay writer, ethical DAN, evil confidant, excel sheet, full-stack software developer; these are just a few of the many titles this person has held. Marketing plan generator based on the lean startup methodology; growth hacker employing the growth flywheel framework; influencer Facebook ads manager; jailbreak; jailbreak; javascript; console; khajiit; jailbreak; utilizing social comparison for marketing; jailbreak;



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