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Numerology and the Number 68

The Meaning of the Number 68

In numerology, the number 68 is believed to symbolize abundance, prosperity, and financial success. It is associated with the energies of the planet Venus, which is known for its associations with love, beauty, and material abundance. The number 68 is also thought to represent the energies of the tarot card “The Lovers,” which is associated with partnerships, relationships, and the balance between the spiritual and material aspects of life.

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Using Numerology to Attract Abundance and Prosperity

One way to use numerology to attract abundance and prosperity is to focus on the energy of the number 68. This can be done through visualization techniques, meditation, or simply by repeating affirmations related to abundance and prosperity. For example, you might try saying affirmations such as “I am worthy of abundance and prosperity” or “I am attracting financial success and abundance into my life.”

Another way to work with the energy of the number 68 is to incorporate it into your daily life. This can be as simple as writing the number 68 down and placing it somewhere where you will see it often, or using it as a focus for your affirmations and visualizations. You might also consider using the number 68 as a lucky number, such as by choosing it as your lottery numbers or using it as a power number in games of chance.

The Role of Numerology in Understanding Your Financial Success

In addition to using the energy of the number 68 to attract abundance and prosperity, numerology can also be used to understand your own personal strengths and weaknesses when it comes to financial success. By analyzing your personal numerology chart, you can gain insight into your natural talents and abilities, as well as any potential challenges or obstacles you may face on your path to financial abundance.

For example, certain numbers in your numerology chart may be associated with financial success and abundance, while others may be linked to challenges or obstacles. By understanding the energies of these numbers, you can better understand your own personal journey towards financial success and take steps to overcome any potential challenges.


Overall, numerology and the number 68 can be powerful tools for attracting abundance and prosperity into your life. Whether you are looking to improve your financial situation or simply want to bring more abundance and prosperity into your daily experience.