Numerology and the Heart’s Desire Number

What is the Heart’s Desire Number?

The heart’s desire number, also known as the soul number or inner desires number, is a numerology calculation based on the letters in your name. It is believed to represent your innermost wants and desires, and can provide insight into your personality and what motivates you.

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How is the Heart’s Desire Number Calculated?

To calculate your heart’s desire number, you will need to convert each letter of your name to a number using the following chart:

A, J, S – 1
B, K, T – 2
C, L, U – 3
D, M, V – 4
E, N, W – 5
F, O, X – 6
G, P, Y – 7
H, Q, Z – 8
I, R – 9

For example, if your name is Jane, your heart’s desire number would be calculated as follows:

J – 1
A – 1
N – 5
E – 5

Adding these numbers together, we get 1 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 12. To find the final heart’s desire number, we need to add the digits of 12 together, which gives us 3. Therefore, Jane’s heart’s desire number is 3.

What Does the Heart’s Desire Number Mean?

Each heart’s desire number is believed to have its own unique meaning, which can provide insight into your innermost desires and motivations. Here are the meanings of the heart’s desire numbers from 1 to 9:

1 – Independence, leadership, and ambition. You are driven by a desire to be independent and in control of your own life, and you may have a natural tendency towards leadership. You are likely ambitious and always striving for success.

2 – Harmony, balance, and cooperation. You value harmony and balance in your life, and you may have a natural tendency towards diplomacy and cooperation. You are likely sensitive etc.

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