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Karmic Astrology: Understanding Your Past Lives and Current Experiences

Karmic astrology is a branch of astrology that focuses on understanding the lessons and challenges we are meant to learn in this lifetime, and how our past lives and actions have shaped our current experiences. According to the belief system of karmic astrology, our souls are on a continuous journey of growth and evolution, and each lifetime presents us with specific opportunities for learning and self-improvement.

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The Role of Karma in Karmic Astrology

Karma, a concept found in many Eastern religions, refers to the idea that our actions have consequences that shape our future experiences. In karmic astrology, the concept of karma is used to understand how our past actions and choices have influenced our current circumstances, and how we can use this understanding to create positive changes in our lives. According to karmic astrology, we are all working to resolve karmic issues and challenges that have carried over from past lives, and our astrological charts can provide insight into the specific issues and challenges we are working to resolve in this lifetime.

Interpreting Your Karmic Astrology Chart

To understand your karmic astrology chart, it is helpful to first understand the basic principles of astrology. In astrology, each person has a unique birth chart that is created using the date, time, and location of their birth. This birth chart is used to determine the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, and how these planetary positions may have influenced your personality and life experiences. In karmic astrology, the focus is on specific placements in the birth chart that are believed to represent karmic issues and challenges that you are meant to work through in this lifetime.

Some common placements that are often examined in a karmic astrology chart include the south node, north node, and the lunar nodes. The south node represents the lessons and experiences from your past lives that you have already mastered.